Xinqi Zhou(Stephen)

Phone: 13086663735


Address: Chengdu



Social Cognition and Addiction



09/2017-Present‚ University of Electronic Science and Technology of China‚ Biomedical Engineering‚ Doctor

09/2014-06/2017‚ Southwest University‚ Cognitive Neuroscience‚ Master

09/2009-06/2013‚ Taiyuan University of Science and Technology‚ Applied Psychology‚ Bachelor





1) A psychology behavior experiment: mind wandering.

2) An fMRI experimental study: The influence of sleep deprivation on mind wandering.


Participated in:

1) The EEG/fMRI synchronization experiment: sleep.

2) The ERP experiment: mind wandering and meditation.

3) The eye movement/EEG synchronization experiment: the influence of meditation on mind wandering.

4) The PSG sleep monitoring




1) Proficient in specialized software: Microsoft Office, SPSS, E-Prime, Endnote, etc.

2) Familiar with normal psychology laboratory techniques.

3) The fMRI data analysis toolbox: SPM/DPABI/REST/CONN/BrainNet Viewer, etc.

4) Can roughly use GIFT and Matlab.

5) CET-6

6) Psychological consultant at the second level of China




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Xinqi Zhou, Xu Lei., (2018) Wandering Minds with Wandering Brain Networks. Neuroscience Bulletin.


Xinqi Zhou, Taoyu Wu, Jing Yu, Xu Lei., (2016) Sleep deprivation make young’s brain like elderly: alarge scale brain networks study. Brain Connectivity DOI: 10.1089/brain.2016.0452



Xinqi Zhou, Hong Yuan, Jing Yu, Xu Lei. The new balance of within- vs. between-system connectivity after sleep deprivation. 22nd Annual Meeting of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping (OHBM2016) June 26-30, 2016, Geneva, Switzerland


Xiaojuan Dong, Xinqi Zhou, Hong Yuan, Jing Yu, Xu Lei. Rest as in task: aberrant resting-state functional network connectivity in insomnia disorder. 9th Annual Meeting of the Chinese Sleep Research Society May 27-29, 2016, Shanghai, China